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January 2004: Large Area Pattern Generation

HTA will begin the installation of our new Optical Pattern Generation Lithography system in the First Quarter , 2004. The write area will be any size up to a 14 inch area square on 15 inch glass photomasks. Some of the specification details are as follows:

Laser resolution - Lambda/128 ; 0.005 Micron
Minimal Programmable Stage Increments 0.01 Micron
Stage Travel: 355mm x 355mm (14")
Precision across full stage travel: 0.25 micron @ 3 sigma
Accuracy: +- 0.25 micron (10 micro-inches)
Orthogonality: 90 degrees +- 1.0 arc second

Aperture size range: 2 microns to 3,750 microns
Aperture Accuracy across full range: +- 0.5 micron
Rotation Resolution: 0.0005 degrees]

The system will directly image onto photoplates with standard thicknesses up to 0.250 inch. The system is equipped with advanced software to minimize camera write time and maximize uniformity of exposures between exposure sizes. Pattern edge quality is enhanced with advanced frictionless aperture assembly with a predicted smallest feature size of 2 microns.

The Imaging system will be housed in a < class 10 environmental chamber with temperature control of +- 0.10 degrees F. to enhance system and image integrity.

Large Area Photomasks for MEMS, Precision PC Boards, Packaging Applications, Hybrid Circuits, Medical Analysis Arrays, Precision etched parts, Probe Arrays, Optical Component Imaging, Scales, Resolution Targets.

We believe this innovative system is the only one of its kind in a merchant photomask Company. For more information on this systems capability relative to your mask needs please contact sales@htaphotomask.com or call us in sales at HTA. (408) 452-5500.

"Precision Photomasks for Industry"

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