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News Release: July 19, 2011

HTA Photomask has acquired a new laser writer for the manufacture of photomasks with resolution to .8 micron. This photolithography tool will write random patterns of any shape or size to a pattern accuracy of .2 micron.

Various plate sizes up to 7 inches can be written on this unit. HTA will be using this imaging tool to suppliment its current technology and capability. Both 1x masks and reticles will be written on this machine. Photomasks made on chrome, iron oxide and aluminum will be compatible with the laser writer process.

HTA Photomask has been in business for 29 years and has the capability to manufacture most mask types in house. HTA has the ability to make masks up to 15x15 inches and as small as can be cut into squares or circles.

HTA supplies masks to the semiconductor, medical, metrology, sensor, solar, and many other industries using micro-manufacturing technology to make their products.

For additional information call HTA Photomask located at 1605 Remuda Lane, San Jose, CA 95112 tel: (408) 452-5500. Or email to sales@htaphotomask.com.

1605 Remuda Lane, San Jose, CA 95112 tel: (408) 452-5500. Or email to sales@htaphotomask.com
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