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New Photomask Services at HTA Photomask

HTA Photomask has been providing photomasks and photolithography services to the Bio-Medical industry for many years. Photomask services have primarily been of conventional photomask technology yielding masks , optical devices, and measurement scales, bio-chip masks and devices.

Beginning in the 4th quarter of 2005 HTA will be manufacturing micro molds and micro channel devices.

Micro Molds are substrates with deep channels etched into the surface to facilitate the molding of plastic parts whereby micro precision quality is required in the finished products. Micro Molds can be used to produce any size part depending on the design and Configuration. With micro photolithography the design can have any shapes and details. Microchannel etching has been improved to reduce slag and edge roughness.

Micro Channel Devices are also produced by HTA. These are precision substrates with various width channels etched into the surface. These substrates are used to channel and separate cells from various sources. These cell channels can be made to extremely precise dimensions for precision separation. Micro pneumatics is another use for the Channel devices. Pneumatics can be used in timing mechanisms where electricity cannot be used.

New uses are being developed for Micro Machining and Micro Manufacturing. HTA Photomask has sub micron image production capabilities on glass or other planar substrates up to 15 inches square. We value new projects for new applications and work with design engineers to pattern their products to be compatible with most micro photolithography processes. HTA’s photomask services have been expanding now for 25 years. We welcome all challenges.

If you wish additional information on these photomask services please contact Ken Caple at HTA. HTA is located at 1605 Remuda Lane San Jose, CA 95112. Telephone (408) 452-5500, Fax (408) 452-5505, e-mail us at sales@htaphotomask.com or visit our website at htaphotomask.com.

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