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HTA Photomask History

HTA established in 1982 as a supplier of extremely high resolution (sub-micron imagery) mask reprints. We expanded our operations early in our growth to become a full-service manufacturer of photomasks. HTA excels in the ability to offer custom engineering solutions to extraordinary photomask requirements.

HTA's photomask business now includes a broad range of photo imaged products such as precision scales, resolution targets and micro detectors, to name a few. The size of substrates we can image upon ranges from less than 0.25 inch to over 13 inches.

A growing list of products which incorporate HTA-made devices includes the photomasks for semiconductors, thin-film and microwave circuits, biomedical and analytical devices, optical scales, flat-panel displays (FPD's), lead frames, microscope reticles, sensors, and micromachined parts and other photo-sciences.

HTA routinely produces images on chromium, iron oxide, aluminum, and other common hard-surface mask coatings. We also have expertise in imaging on photographic emulsion, for those customers who have processes that are emulsion-compatible.

HTA has the skill and resources to manufacture a finished product by several different methods - e.g. step and repeat imaging, pattern generation, camera reduction and contact printing. HTA Photomask has a reputation built on delivering high quality at the lowest cost. E-beam technology - and expense - is not always necessary when pattern generation will do the job.

Our staff enjoys new manufacturing challenges. Your most demanding engineering and R&D jobs are always welcome. Although these are usually limited in volume, we frequently develop new techniques and production skills that ultimately expand our capabilities.

Research and development in the photosciences of microimaging high-resolution patterns on precision glass and other substrates.

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HTA can accept the following DATA formats for fracturing: *.DXF, *.DWG, *.GDS all polygons MUST be fully closed.